Yes, we want discounts!

Click Offers is so nice that gives you automatic discounts and the best offers on the internet. It's easy, just install and enjoy!

Automatic discounts

Yes, we all know there are coupons available on Internet, but do you really have time to find those? Our cute little tiny robots do, so we just give you the chance to relax while we search and test if the discounts work with your purchase when you're checking out.

The best offers in a click

You trust the store you always go to, right? So we'll help you by showing its best offers and we also highlight when a product is an unmissable opportunity or it's not thaaat cheap. And if you want, when you're navigating somewhere else you can see those offers you simply can't miss all over the internet, we're always selecting some for you.

More! More! More!

We respect your privacy

You know all those e-commerces that sell your data to others? We don't do this, your e-commerce navigation history (or any other type of navigation) won't be stored in our servers

We want to hear you

Click Offers will soon have ways for you to tell anything you want (be polite, please!) about a store or a product. We're a community, so let's share our views

What about more discounts?

Free shipping? Special products? Last time offers? Wait a bit, we'll have it soon

How fast is it?

We're testing it for quite a while and, unless your have some speed superpowers, you won't see any difference on your navigation. Actually, good idea! Let's try testing with some speedsters, maybe even they won't be able to see it.

Did you like it? Loved it? Is it made for you? 

Of course! So let's try using it in your Chrome. It's free, cool, beautiful and makes you smile!

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